-=k|z=- vs HCk. July 12 -W
 -=k|z=- vs CEffect  July 19 -W
-=k|z=- vs DOM July 26 -W  
-=k|z=- vs Lost Cause Aug 2 W 

 =k|z=- vs DontAsk Aug 18
-=k|z=- vs WSC sep 2 -W


  2006 Season Winners        

Semi-Final Match  


Yesterday's News

Click on the CZ icon next to the members name,  to view their info. 
 Also still working on the site, will be adding forums next.  

Congrats to -=k|z=-

For Making it to the Semi Finals !

Semi Finals Schedule to be posted

(good luck to all our competition)


Seeking  KEYZERO CS-GO TEAM for Competition & Tournaments

LEADER: DragonKey

visit #CS-GO for more info


Visit IRC Channel #CS-GO on


-=k|z=- DragonKey
-=k|z=- Deadroses
-=k|z=- CorruptedMichael
-=k|z=- Batista Girl
-=k|z=- Marble
-=k|z=- her.  
-=k|z=- UNKNOWN
-=k|z=- sLiPkNoTgIrLiE
-=k|z=- Qualls